About Us

Lunch restaurant, café and bar rolled into one – that is Gonta on Immermannstraße 28 in Düsseldorf. Formerly known as Café Relax, we now operate under new name and brand new interior, but with the same first-class service and delicious Japanese food.

In particular, we specialise in the fine art of preparing Japanese pork schnitzel – the Tonkatsu. We give great importance to fresh ingredients of the highest quality. The meat for our Schnitzels comes from the Duroc-Olivepig and is breaded with Panko breadcrumbs and fried to a crisp in high-quality vegetable fat. We also serve various sauces such as our original Tonkatsu Sauce, Remoulade, Miso or Ponzu Sauce.

How about some Matcha sundaes, honey toast, matcha latte and delicious tonkatsu or egg sandwiches? These specialties are all on our menu at Café Gonta during the afternoons.

The Nomi Gonta Bar is all about delicious cocktails in the evening, still known from Café Relax times, such as Whiskey Matcha Latte, Relax Squash Gin or Shochu Sunrise. We serve tasty snacks like salad, tofu or edamame to go along with your drinks.
So come by and let our friendly service spoil you with authentic Japanese cuisine and delicious drinks.